Our Science

Our Unique Platforms & Pipeline

Using our extensive and proprietary set of platform technologies, we believe we are in a unique position to develop a new generation of therapies with mechanistic diversity and unparalleled combinatorial potential.

Realizing the Potential of Multi-Specific Antibodies

Antibody Inv3

The foundation of our innovation is our B-Body® multi-specific antibody platform – a versatile antibody construct designed for improved expression, purification, and stability, and to enable a broad array of mechanisms of action from human IgG-like scaffolds. Building off of this foundation, we have developed a fully integrated candidate discovery platform that has already delivered multiple pre-clinical candidates for us and our partners.

The SNIPER Advantage

One key to our platform is our SNIPER® approach, focusing on bi- and multi-specific antibodies targeting distinct, high-value targets. To date, we have successfully developed candidates with proven weak monovalent affinity to individual targets, but strong avidity to specific combinations of targets. This not only maximizes specificity and potential efficacy, but also minimizes possible side effects and toxicity through significant reduction of off-target/systemic binding.

In addition to their highly specific target-binding capabilities, our multi-specific SNIPERs are able to deliver a wide range of cargo, enabling a corresponding wide range of potential functionality, including site-specific delivery of radionuclides, antibodies to initiate ADCC (antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity), antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), specific elimination of pathogenic cells, and tissue-targeted re-direction of cytokines.

Our Focus in Oncology

By marshalling all of the forces of the immune system to hunt down and destroy cancer cells, we believe it is possible to cure solid tumor cancers. We also believe that our combination approach creates the opportunity to bring together all of the necessary pieces of the innate and adaptive immune system to make the tumor microenvironment (TME) vulnerable to attack without the use of personalized medicines.

We are currently advancing two SNIPER candidates through pre-clinical development that, to date, have demonstrated unparalleled combinatorial specificity and best-in-class potential across multiple oncology indications with high unmet medical needs.

Posters & Presentations

PEGS Boston Conference 2022

Identifying Synergistic Target Pairs to Increase Cell Specificity in Cancer Therapeutic Design

presented by Jonathan Davis, PhD

Keystone Symposia: Antibodies as Drugs

Keystone Symposia 2022: Antibodies as Drugs

Dual Receptor Targeting Using Bispecifics for Enhanced Anti-Cancer Therapy

presented by Jonathan Davis, PhD

Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics 2021

Targeting Two Receptors Can Significantly Increase Cell Specificity

presented by Jonathan Davis, PhD

Biologics Europe: Online 2021

The Selective Elimination of Tumor Tregs by a Bispecific SNIPER® Antibody Delivers a Strong Anti-Tumor Activity

presented by Bryan Glaser, PhD

World Bispecific 2020

A Bispecific SNIPER® Demonstrates Preclinical Efficacy through the Selective Elimination of Tumor Tregs

presented by Jonathan Davis

AACR 2019

Abstract 563: A Biparatopic Agonist Antibody for OX40 That Exhibits Superior Activity Without Secondary Crosslinking

presented by Bonnie J Hammer

Cancer Immunotherapy: Executive Summit 2019

Modulating Anti-Tumor Immune Responses with B-Body® Bispecific Antibodies (Invenra’s OX40 Agonist)

presented by Bonnie J Hammer

PEGS Europe 2018

Multispecific and Multivalent Antibodies as OX40 Agonists

presented by Bryan Glaser

Immuno Oncology Summit 2018

Using B-Body® Bispecific/Multispecific Antibodies to Modulate Anti-tumor Immune Responses

presented by Bonnie J Hammer

World Bispecific 2017

A Highly Developable Bispecific Antibody Platform Enables High-Throughput Bispecific Discovery

presented by Lucas Bailey